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For Immediate Release:  March 23, 2011
Contact:  Diane Gramley  1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Abington School District Approves Dangerous Policy Change

(Philadelphia) —  In a move to place pressure on the Abington Township Board of Commissioners to pass a so-called anti-discrimination ordinance which includes sexual orientation and gender identity, last night the Abington School District approved a policy change adding that same terminology to their “Non-discrimination – Professional and Non-Professional Employees” policy.   In an e-mailed statement, the American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a student advocacy group, expressed concern that the district’s move may place employees as well as students in danger.

“Last night’s decision by the Abington School Board sends a dangerous message to the students and we do not believe the board fully understands the ramifications of their policy change.  That school district’s Gay Straight Alliance has been very active in placing pressure on the township to pass this so-called anti-discrimination ordinance.  Rather than tell these students the truth about the dangers of the lifestyle they are becoming involved in, the board has decided to give them a pat on the back and say ‘go for it,’” noted Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.

The e-mail message addressed to the Abington School Board follows:

Is there a definition of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in the newly passed policy?  Will sexual orientation also include bondage/sado-masochism?  In the near future there will be an effort to include that sexual orientation.

Does the school board fully understand the implications of adding ‘gender identity’ to the policy?  It means that you must allow men who believe they are women to use the women’s restroom.  If such an individual is hired as a PE teacher or coach, he must be permitted to enter the girls’ locker room.

Your decision last night has far reaching ramifications . . .  and yes, your decision does legislate values.  Mr Bates, to say “ . . .  all behavior is as acceptable as any other behavior provided that it does not violate the law” is a dangerous statement.   That statement says engaging in homosexual behavior is as acceptable as engaging in normal heterosexual behavior and it sends a wrong message to the students in Abington School District.

  • The Centers for Disease Control acknowledges that men who have sex with men make up over half of all new HIV cases and a diagnosis rate more than 44 times that of other men, and more than 40 times that of women.
  • In general, gay men are at a 35 times higher risk for developing anal cancer when compared to the rest of the population, according a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.
  • According to the Oxford University Journal of Epidemiology, a male engaging in homosexual activity may shorten his life by up to 20 years.
  • According to the Boston Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project, one in three homosexual women experience partner aggression, compared to only one in four homosexual men.
  • In November 2009 a report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reported a 125% increase in domestic violence fatalities in lesbian and gay couples around the country during the prior year.

Your effort to show “equality” has placed Abington School District’s stamp of approval upon the homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles and all activities involved in such, thus placing your students in danger.  The school board will be held responsible for the resulting ramifications.

end of e-mail

“Our hope is the Abington Township Board of Commissioners will see through this effort and remain standing strong against this move to force them to pass a homosexual special rights ordinance.  Another hope we have is that the student activists in the GSA will be informed of the dangers they face in the homosexual lifestyle.  To allow them to be misled that this path they have chosen is safe and normal is child abuse,” Gramley further commented.

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