April 11, 2012


State Representative Mike Turzai Continues Obstructing Way


Pennsylvania’s Marriage Protection Amendment, HB 1434,  continues sitting in the House State Government Committee because House Majority Floor Leader Mike Turzai  will not give Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe a guarantee that he will allow HB 1434 to come to a vote before the full House.   Representative Metcalfe is sure he has the votes to get it out of committee, although homosexual activists have increased their attacks on committee members trying to get them to vote against it.

We must act today to convince Representative Turzai that Pennsylvania needs HB 1434, that we need to take this step to protect marriage.  Homosexual activists will continue in their attempts to redefine marriage and family.  Sooner or later a homosexual ‘couple’ will get ‘married’ in New York or Maryland (where it has been legalized, but awaits a voter referendum) or some other state where it has been legalized and come back to Pennsylvania and challenge our Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). We cannot begin the lengthy amendment process at that point; we must begin NOW and Representative Turzai must be convinced of that.


1.)  Contact your State House member and ask him or her to contact Representative Turzai and ask him to give Representative Metcalfe a guarantee that he will allow HB 1434 to come to the floor of the House for a vote.   Click here to find your legislator.

2.)  Contact Representative Turzai directly and ask him to give Representative Metcalfe the green light to advance HB 1434.  His district office number is (412) 369-2230 or his email is

3.)  Sign our petition in support of HB 1434, the Marriage Protection Amendment.  Click here to sign the petition or print off a copy to circulate.

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