April 18, 2012


“Gay” Day of Silence is This Friday!  Is Your Child’s School Participating?


This Friday, April 20th, is the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Day of Silence in schools across  the nation and many in Pennsylvania will participate also.  This is a day when students and, in some cases, teachers remain silent throughout the day to show support for ‘homosexual rights’ claiming that those who identify as ‘gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender’ have been silenced.   However, the ACLU even recognizes that the silence cannot be legally maintained during instructional time.

This mostly takes place in high schools, but some middle schools now participate.  Is you child’s school going to observe this day?  GLSEN used to proudly list all the participating schools, but since the AFA of PA and others have worked to expose the dangers of promoting homosexuality in schools, the list is now top secret information!  They don’t want parents and taxpayers to find out how a taxpayer funded school day is being used to normalize the homosexual lifestyle.

Click here for a great article by Laurie Higgins with the Illinois Family Institute. This gives more details and reasons why this is so dangerous and actions you can take.


1.)  Contact your child’s high or middle school and ask if they will permit students and/or teachers to remain silent during instructional time during the Day of Silence – April 20th.

2.)  If your school acknowledges that they will permit this silence during instructional time, please take part in the Day of Silence Walkout and  keep your child home on Friday!  Click here for more information and a sample letter to give to the school.

3.)  This year we want to do follow-up and would like YOUR story if you keep your child home on the “Gay Day of Silence.”  Here’s what we are asking for:

If you are keeping your child home from school on the Day of Silence, could you drop us a short note about your situation? Here are some of the kinds of things we’re interesting in hearing:

1. Whom did you contact at your school prior to the Day of Silence?

2. What did this person or persons tell you about how the administration’s expectations for teachers and students?

3. Did the administration contact parents prior to the Day of Silence to tell them that it was taking place, what it was, what organization promotes it, and about the administration’s expectations for student behavior?

If you would like to share your story please email us at and we will forward your story to Linda Harvey at Mission America.  With your permission, we will include it in our follow up report.

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