April 23, 2012


Don’t Forget to Vote Tomorrow!


Tomorrow’s weather prediction for Pennsylvania doesn’t look real good.  Snow the last week of April!!  But the weather does not change the fact that it is Primary Election Day and we as citizens must make every effort to fulfill our duty to vote.

I think back to those brave men who weathered many hardships to fight for our independence from Great Britain during that harsh winter in Valley Forge and the other harsh winters during the eight year conflict from 1775 to 1783 when victory over Great Britain was finally won.  Many have suffered hardship and even given their lives since then.  Can we allow a little cold and snow to keep us away from the polls tomorrow?  Many times you hear “This election is the most important in our nation’s history,” but I truly believe this one and the one in November truly are.  But tomorrow’s election will determine what November’s ballot looks like!

Will you join me in voting tomorrow and maybe even giving a couple hours to work the polls for the candidate of your choice?

You can go to your county website and a sample ballot for tomorrow should be posted.  If you have questions call your county election office.

Additionally, AFA national has partnered with the Heritage Alliance this year to produce a voter guide for each state.  Go to and enter your address to see the scores the candidates received.  Extensive research was done on each candidate by a panel of Pennsylvania residents under the guidance of the Heritage Alliance.

Action Steps

1.)  Pray for the election process — that it will proceed in an honorable way, that any voter fraud will be caught and dealt with immediately.  Pray for the voters that they will take the time to become educated on the stands taken by the various candidates — not just follow “Party Leadership,” but do their own independent research.

2.)  Check out the positions of the candidates on issues that are important to you.  Go to

3.)  Get out and vote tomorrow!  Help others by offering to drive an elderly neighbor or family member to the polls and/or by pointing them to the website so they can vote in an informed manner.

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