May 2, 2012


Campbell’s and Wells Fargo Sponsor Philadelphia Homosexual Event


This evening is the VIP Kickoff of Equality Forum, a “week-long” homosexual event in Philadelphia which will hold panel discussions on adoption by homosexuals, same-sex “marriage,” men who think they are women using the women’s restroom, the re-interpretation of Scripture when it comes to homosexuality, normalizing homosexuality in our nation’s schools and in the military.  To see their program schedule for Monday through Friday click here  and for Saturday’s and Sunday’s schedule click here.

Their website says, “The weeklong Annual Equality Forum has an international focus, top-tier panel discussions, parties, an annual art exhibit, International Equality Dinner, Sunday OUT! and more. There is no registration fee and all substantive programs are free.”

Needless to say this will costs lots of money.  Click here for the listed donors and sponsors — note this list is only through January 11, 2012,  In the past the Commonwealth of PA has been a sponsor, my assumption is that it is not or it would be posted front and center.

The only real surprise the list holds is Campbell’s Soup Company.  Wells Fargo has become more ‘gay-friendly’ in recent years willing to spend their profits on sponsoring ‘gay-pride’ activities.

Action Steps

1.)  Contact Campbell’s Soup via their website here. 

Here’s a sample letter you can copy and paste into the form or compose your own:

I am appalled that Campbell’s Soup Company has stooped to sponsoring homosexual events!  Did you know that you are listed as a sponsor of Philadelphia’s Equality Forum?

During this event they will be promoting same-sex ‘marriage,’ telling homosexuals how they can adopt innocent young children, trashing what the Bible really says about homosexuality and discussing ways to get the ‘gay is okay’ message into schools.

Until you stop the promotion of homosexuality, I can no longer buy your products.

I will also inform my family, friends and neighbors of your attacks on the family and children.

2.)  Does your local school save Campbell’s Soup labels for the Labels for Education program?     If so, would they be interested in knowing that Campbell’s Soup is involved in promoting same-sex ‘marriage,’ homosexual adoption and forcing schools to allow young men who think they are young women to use the women’s restroom?  Why not give them a call.

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