April 23, 2013


Pray for the Romeike Family – Hearing Today


The Romeike family is a German homeschooling family which moved to the United States in August 2008 seeking freedom to homeschool their children.  It has been illegal to homeschool in Germany since Hitler’s time.  When they left Germany, the parents were facing hefty fines and the government threat of a lien on their home simply because they wanted to homeschool.  In January 2010 a federal immigration judge granted the Romeike’s asylum, however in May 2012 the Obama Administration revoked the asylum seeking to deport the family.  With the help of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the family is suing the Department of Justice seeking permanent asylum.

Last Friday I was privileged to interview Mike Donnelly, an HSLDA attorney.  Click here to listen to that interview.

Action Steps

1.) Pray as oral arguments are made today.  HSLDA council will be its co-founder, Michael Farris.

2.)  Sign the White House petition that has been created for the family.  Also, take a few minutes to watch the video interview with the family.  Click here.

3.)  Go to our ACTION CENTER and contact your Congressman asking that he take every step possible to stop the deportation of this family.

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