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March 7, 2016


Important Meeting at Pine Richland Tonight!


This alert is being sent to those on our email alert list who live in Butler and Allegheny Counties. The following information may not directly impact you, but you may know someone who lives in the Pine Richland School District. Remember, as a taxpayer in that district it impacts you whether you have children in school or not.

Did you know that since the beginning of this school year Pine Richland High School has permitted those who identify as transgender to use any restroom they choose? Explanation: If a girl thinks she is a boy, she is permitted to use the boys’ restroom and if a boy thinks he is a girl, he is permitted to use the girls’ restroom.   This decision was made by the administration and it was not until February 1 that the school board president, Dr. Jeffrey Banyas, became aware of the situation. There is no written policy and parents were kept in the dark about the bathroom usage changes at the high school. There has been a ground swell of opposition to this ridiculous and dangerous change!

The next school board meeting is TONIGHT at 7:30 at PR Central Administration DeWitt Blank Conference Room, 702 Warrendale Road in Gibsonia.   From their website: “Visitors may comment at the beginning and again at the close of each public meeting. Visitors are asked to limit their comments to three minutes, so that everyone may have an opportunity to speak. This is generally not a time when discussion or response takes place with the board directors. The board does follow-up with members of the community who spoke at the meeting by email as long as the speaker clearly provided that contact information on the Sign-In Sheet.”   Additionally, my suggestion would be to have copies of your comments to distribute to each school director.

Action Steps

If you live in the Pine Richland School District, this should be of concern to you! Please plan on attending the 7:30 meeting tonight. You don’t have to speak, but a good show of support for those who do is needed. The school board needs to understand this is not a good decision and the law DOES NOT require them to allow boys in girls’ restrooms and vice versa.

Also, if you have lived in Region 3 of the district for at least a year and are 18 years of age or older, the board is trying to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Laura Ohlund. The application can be found here The deadline is noon today, March 7th! The completed application can be delivered to the District Office at 702 Warrendale Road, Gibsonia or emailed to

If you don’t live in Pine Richland School District, this may be coming to your district next! Does your school board have a written policy to deal with the privacy of its students? Does your school district have a written policy that requires students who identify as transgender to use a unisex bathroom? What are the policies for locker room and shower usage? You might want to find out!

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