May 16, 2016


Ask Schools to Protect Our School Children!


The governors of twelve states have told their school districts to ignore the directive sent by the US Department of Education and US Department of Justice demanding that they open the girls’ bathroom, locker and shower rooms to boys, but don’t expect any help from Governor Tom Wolf — he nominated a “transgender woman” to be PA’s Physician General after all.  Maybe members of the State House and State Senate care about the safety of children in Pennsylvania’s public schools!   This would be an excellent time to advance the Parental Rights bill — HB 1512!  Remember Obama’s edict on Friday told schools to ignore the concerns of parents and the community and to simply open the bathrooms, locker and shower rooms!  No parental rights allowed in schools, according to our nation’s president.   You can still contact Governor Wolf and give him a piece of your mind about this issue!

Remember Title IX of the 1972 Civil Right Act has NOT changed, but the Obama administration is trying to convince us it has.   The demands in last Friday’s letter from the US Department of Education and US Department of Justice are without basis in the written text of US law and school districts should not comply.  Nothing in federal law supports or requires “gender identity” policies, nor do any Pennsylvania state laws require such.  Read the nine page DOE DOJ Letter to Schools 5.13.16 and the 25 page “Emerging Practices 5.13.16” sent to schools on Friday.

We’ve contact Orlando, FL-based Liberty Counsel and here’s their advice:

1.)  School districts need to stand firm on this issue and they need to do so by the school board passing a policy similar to this one — Sample Student Privacy Resolution.

2.)  We are particularly interested in evaluating factual situations involving girls’ restrooms and lockers opened to boys. Affected parents should reach out to us via our web form for legal assistance, and should share the attached lawsuit  with their school districts  —  SPP_v_DOE – Lawsuit Complaint – as filed 05042016

3.)  Liberty Counsel is available a) to offer assistance in defending school districts if they continue or enact sensible and legal gender-appropriate restroom and locker-room policies consistent with Liberty Counsel’s advice; and b) to warn school districts against violating the First Amendment and other clearly-established rights of the other students and teachers.

Click here for action steps.

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