May 17, 2016


These are the Legislators Who Want  to Open EVERY Bathroom Door in PA


For the past couple days we’ve tried to wrap our brains around the Obama Administration’s edict that every school in the nation open the girls’ bathroom, locker and shower rooms to boys and vice versa.   But let’s not forget that here in PA there are legislators who want to open the bathroom, locker and shower facilities to the opposite sex in EVERY business, Y, city pool, etc.  in the Commonwealth!

Many of these legislators would deny this, but the executive director of the largest homosexual lobby group in PA, Equality PA, understands.  Ted Martin said back in June 2011, “This is about some really basic stuff . . . even use of a public bathroom.” 

HB 1510 and SB 974 have been introduced in their respective chambers in Harrisburg.  Both would add “sexual orientation and gender identity or expression” to the PA Human Relations Act which impacts employment, housing and public accommodation.       We’ll deal with SB 974 in this alert.

Following are the co-sponsors of this dangerous bathroom/locker room bill .  These State Senators have signed on as co-sponsors to SB 974.  (Please note this is half our state senators that say they’re okay with men in the women’s restroom and showers at the local Y!) :

John Blake (D-Lackawanna, Luzerne (part), Monroe (part) Counties) —

Lisa Boscola (D – Lehigh and Northampton Counties (part))  —

James Brewster (D-Allegheny (part) and Westmoreland (part) Counties) —

Patrick Browne (R-Lehigh County -part) —

Jay Costa  (D-Allegheny County – part) —

Andrew Dinniman (D-Chester  County (part))  —

Lawrence Farnese (D-Philadelphia County – part) —

Wayne Fontana (D – Allegheny County -part) —

Art Haywood (D-Montgomery (part) and Philadelphia (part) Counties) —

Vincent Hughes (D-Montgomery/Philadelphia counties  – part) —

Shirley Kitchen (D – Philadelphia County – part) —

Daylin Leach (D- Delaware (part) and  Montgomery (part) Counties   —

Chuck McIlhinney (R- Bucks County – part)  —

Dominic Pileggi (R- Delaware County – part) —  (he is no longer in the Senate ; he was elected to the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas)

John Sabatina, Jr.  (D- Philadelphia County (part))  —  no email —    Phone: (717) 787-9608             Facebook        Contact form

Mario Scavello  (R-Monroe/Northampton counties – part) —

Judith Schwank  (D – Berks County – part) —

Christine Tartaglione (D – Philadelphia (part) County) —

Rob Teplitz  (D- Dauphin  County- part and Perry County) —

Patricia Vance (R-Cumberland/York Counties – part) —

Scott Wagner  (R- York County – part) —

Sean Wiley (D- Erie County — part) —

Anthony Williams (D-Delaware (part) and Philadelphia (part) Counties) —

John Wozniak  (D- Bedford, Cambria, Clearfield –part — Counties)  —

John Yudichak (D-Carbon and Luzerne (part) Counties) —

Action Steps

1.)  Send an email to each of these senators with one simple question and a request:  Why do you want to allow men in the women’s restroom and locker and shower rooms?    Please drop your sponsorship of SB 974.

2.)  If you haven’t signed our petition opposing these bills, click here

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