January 11, 2023


Important Meeting of the Penncrest School Board on Thursday, January 12


This alert is being sent into Crawford and Venango County, since Plum Township in Venango is part of Penncrest School District.  If you don’t live in the district, but know someone who does please let them know about this important meeting. 

On Monday night the Penncrest School District board elected a new member to replace Brian Lynch, who moved out of the county.   The newest board member, Fred Bryant, has already proven to be a valuable asset for conservatives who are working to protect the students of the district.

On that same night, by a narrow margin, the board agreed to vote on two policies this Thursday evening (January 12): 

1) a policy to ban and remove library books containing explicit sexual acts of all kinds (heterosexual and non-heterosexual activity, pedophilia, and pornography) and

2) a policy to limit sports participation to gender at birth. 

Certain groups are employing heavy-handed intimidation tactics on board members.  The Saegertown Jr./Sr. High School teacher who leads the school’s gay/straight alliance club has been making sure the greater Erie area is aware of the proposed policies and has reportedly been soliciting school children to sign a petition against them.  It is common practice to bring LGBTQ activists in from outside the school district that would be impacted by policy changes.  They may not be able to speak at the board meeting, but the school board doesn’t’ know whether those seated in the audience holding pro-gay signs live in the district or not.  Also, expect students to be at Thursday night’s meeting to speak against the proposed policies. 

Action Steps

Board members need to know the community supports these policies and want them in place at Penncrest School District.  They have received a lot of pressure to vote against them.  That is why it is so important that you attend Thursday night’s (January 12th) meeting at 7:00 p.m. at 18741 State Hwy 198, Saegertown, PA.  If you can’t attend, but know a school board member’s phone number, give him or her a call and express your support for the proposed policies. 

It is time for those who support sanity, who support student safety to speak up and get involved. 

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