AFA of PA ACTION ALERTschool kids

August 22, 2016


Make Sure Your School District Knows!


Last night US District Judge Reed O’Connor issued his decision and placed a nationwide injunction against the Obama administration’s May 13th transgender edict!   His decision was in response to the lawsuit brought by 13 states – with Texas leading the way!  Needless to say Pennsylvania was not part of this effort, since Governor Tom Wolf is very much on board with all this lunacy and his selection of Dr. “Rachel” Levine, a transgender “woman” to be this commonwealth’s next Physician General is proof of that!   Unfortunately, our State Senate unanimously confirmed “her.”    Remember a “transgender woman” is a biological male and no matter what surgery he undergoes or how many hormones he takes that biological fact will NEVER change!  But I digress!!

Click here for more info and action steps.

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