September 30, 2021


Memo: To the Citizens of the United States of America . . . .


On September 24 a Memorandum for Record was issued to the citizens of the US, but don’t expect to hear that news in the mainstream media!  They want any news about forensic audits of the November 3, 2020 election to be swept under the rug.  However, state legislators from across the country have signed onto the Memorandum for Record.  The sad news is, as of this point, only two from PA had the guts to sign on — Senator Doug Mastriano and State Rep Stephanie Borowicz. 

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers indicates others have now signed onto the letter and will be releasing the new names soon, but she needs our help!   The letter says it part, “calling for all 50 U.S. states to be audited, and electors to be decertified “where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

The letter also calls for the US House of Representatives “to convene and vote per the US Constitution by means of one vote per state to decide the rightful winner of the [2020] election in accordance with the constitutional process of choosing electors.” The move from various state legislators came just hours after the highly anticipated Maricopa County audit report was released to the public, which declared that there were “too many discrepancies to declare an outright winner of Arizona’s electoral votes.”  Click here for more details as to what the Arizona forensic audit revealed.

Action Steps

  1.  Thank State Senator Mastriano and State Rep Borowicz for being two of the first to call for a 50- state forensic audit.   Senator Mastriano’s district office number is (717) 264-6100  and State Rep Borowicz’s district number is  (570) 748-5480 or 570-353-8780.    
  2. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is asking this of patriots:

“Ok I need all patriots to take the following steps:
-Contact your state rep or state senator either via phone or via email.
-Ask them if they support forensic audits.
-If they say yes, tell them you are going to introduce them to me on email
-Then send an introduction email explaining that they support audits and who I am (AZ State Senator who is working to audit all 50 states)
-Once you introduce them to me, I will take it from there.

Very important to not just tell me who supports audits and not reach out to your legislators. They need to hear from you first to confirm they are with us. The introduction is the most important part.

But I don’t want to be introduced to RINOs. Just people who are already with us.”

Can we help Senator Rogers by locating other PA State Reps and State Senators who support a forensic audit?  Then in turn introduce them to Senator Rogers?   Remember we want those who are solidly in support of election integrity and a forensic audit.  If you don’t know who your State Rep or State Senator is, click here and enter your address.  

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