September 29, 2021


Vote on Infrastructure Bill Coming Up and Already 3 PA GOP Pledge Support


To begin with US taxpayers do not have $3.5 trillion to pay for this monstrosity of a bill!  Here are some more issues with the bill besides the price tag:

  • Leaves out the Hyde amendment protections against taxpayer funding for abortions in various healthcare programs while appropriating billions of dollars into those programs;
  • Makes permanent several American Rescue Plan Act provisions without the Hyde Amendment;
  • Provides taxpayer-funded abortions to 800,000 women of childbearing age who are not currently covered by Medicaid;
  • Funds abortions via reinsurance and cost-sharing funding to insurers and the states;
  • “The Secretary shall conduct a robust program to analyze and prevent disparities on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, national origin, family composition, or living arrangements with respect to the benefits provided under this title and individuals’ access to such benefits.”
  • The text also funds training to promote this radical social agenda, funds grants to promote it, and mandates education and outreach regarding Obamacare be provided;
  • Includes provisions to deliver broadband across the United States based on racial quotas.

According to Club for Growth analysis, “Only $110 billion of the so-called $1 trillion-plus bipartisan infrastructure package goes toward road, bridges and other major projects that the American people generally consider “infrastructure.”  The remaining balance of the $1.2 trillion bills are “Green New Deal provisions.”

And the above list only hits the tip of the iceberg!!

Action Steps

Contact your US Representative and tell him or her to vote ‘nay’ on this infrastructure bill  and any reconciliation bill that is linked to it.  Unfortunately, three of PA’s eight Republican Congressmen have indicted they will support the infrastructure bill!  Call them whether you’re in their district or not!

Brian Fitzpatrick 202 225-4276

Daniel Meuser 202 225-6511

Lloyd Smucker 202-225-2411

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