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June 28, 2016


Pray for Those Who Are Being Misled


As those advocating for the safety and privacy of women and children in bathrooms, locker and shower facilities and for the protection of religious liberties gathered at the State Capitol on Monday, they were confronted by those with the opposing view.  The small group stood outside the Capitol chanting and holding signs,  as people walked up the steps to the Main Rotunda and were allowed inside just before the rally.    Once entering the Capitol, if you ignored their vulgar signs, by and large the group was civil.  Several from the rally engaged them in discussion afterwards.

These young people are being misled by a secular humanist society that says there is no God, you are simply a product of evolution and you have the ‘freedom’ to do whatever you want.   Many were probably raised in broken homes and taught in public school that ‘sexual freedom’ is part of being an American, there is no difference between the sexes:  boys can be girls and girls can be boys, engaging in premarital sex is okay and safe as long as you use a condom,  those who don’t agree with you do so because they hate you.

Action Steps

Pray for these confused young people who were at the rally on Monday.  Pray for their peers.  Pray for those who may have interaction with them but do not agree with them, that they would have the courage to lovingly confront them with the truth that God has a better plan for them.

Pray for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States.

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