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For Immediate Release:  June 27, 20164 pictures from clinic
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US Supreme Court Escalates War on Women

(Harrisburg) — Today five individuals who do not hold medical degrees handed down a decision giving a green light for the creation of more Gosnell Houses of Horror.  The United States Supreme Court in a 5-3 decision threw out a portion of Texas abortion law that required the same health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical units and required doctors doing abortions have visiting privileges in a nearby hospital.   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), a group that advocates for life, is appalled that the Supreme Court has such a short memory as to the great lengths profit-driven abortionists will go to cut corners and place women in increased danger.

“Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horrors in Philadelphia exposed the even darker underbelly of the abortion industry.  Back in January 2011 Philadelphia Democrat Senator Vincent Hughes, in whose district Gosnell’s clinic was located, held up a copy of the grand jury report on the Senate floor and called for action saying, ‘We have to fix the holes in the system to make sure this is not happening elsewhere in the commonwealth.’  The PA legislature acted quickly to stop future Gosnell Houses of Horror and other states followed suit.     The US Supreme Court needs to be sent a copy of that 281 page grand jury report,  just to remind them what can happen in abortion clinics that are not inspected,” commented Diane Gramley, president of the AFA of PA.

War on Women advances in PA:  This very day two PA legislators — Representative Steven Santarsiero and Senator Daylin Leach have sent out co-sponsor memos urging the repeal of Act 122 of 2011, the law that requires PA abortion clinics adhere to the same health and safety standards of ambulatory surgical units —  such as sanitary facilities and surgical instruments, doors and hallways wide enough to get a gurney through, not allowing cats to roam the facilities, not padlocking emergency exits, using independently trained staff, having operational equipment i.e. blood pressure cuffs, defibrillator, EKG, the pulse oximeter, etc.,

The good news about today’s decision is that the Supreme Court left intact a law similar to HB 1948, which bans abortions after twenty weeks and recently passed in the State House.

“A society that willfully kills the future generation is a society doomed to failure.  Killing the future generation through legalized abortion is horrific in itself, but for the highest court in the land to say the facilities that kill unborn babies should not be forced to comply with any basic health and safety standards is barbaric,” noted Gramley.

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