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April 18, 2016


Primary Election Update


If you or someone you know plans to vote absentee, they have until TOMORROW to get the absentee ballot application into your county courthouse.  It cannot simply be postmarked by April 19th, they must receive it by tomorrow.

Our non-partisan voter guides are up on our website.  They are designed as bulletin inserts and have been approved by our legal counsel as acceptable for use in churches.

Action Steps

Information about voting absentee can be found here

Link to the Absentee Ballot Application here

Remember this must be received by the voter registration office in your county courthouse by close of business tomorrow.

Click here for voter guides for President/US Senate/Attorney General and competitive congressional races.

We also have a voter guide for the 101st Legislative District in Lebanon County; don’t know if you live in that district?  Click here

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