July 19, 2021


Ask Your State Senator to Co-Sponsor This Bill


Senator  Cris Dush is circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a “Ballot Integrity and Security Measures” bill.  The memo states that Senator Dush will be introducing a bill “implementing multiple security measures on ballots in Pennsylvania. After the General election of 2020, it has been brought to the attention of the people of the Commonwealth that we need to take action to ensure the fairness, sanctity, and validity of our elections.

The bill will ensure that all ballots will include multiple security measures to prevent the manipulation and counterfeiting of ballots that will be used by the electors of the Commonwealth. Unique identifiers, QR codes, holographic images and watermarks have been used in other states to provide anti-fraud measures on mail-in ballots and need to be adopted in Pennsylvania.” 

Action Steps

Ask your State Senator to sign on as a co-sponsor by clicking here

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