August 12, 2020


Shippensburg Boro – Do you live or shop there or know someone who does?


Did you know that on July 21st the Shippensburg Boro Council voted to advertise an ordinance that would create a local human relations commission to handle any complaints from their new non-discrimination ordinance?  The vote will come on September 1st.  The decision on September 1st will determine whether men will be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, whether daycare centers will be forced to hire homosexuals and men in women’s dresses, whether you will be forced to use the “proper pronoun” when addressing a sexually confused individual, whether churches which have received a government grant to run a soup kitchen or homeless shelter will be forced to hire homosexuals and transgenders.   Nothing really major, right??  Yet, unless you attended the council meeting via phone, since they are not allowing the public to attend in person because of COVID, or read the July 30th article in the local weekly paper The Shippensburg News-Chronicle, you know nothing about this effort to give special rights to individuals based solely upon who they identify as, yet the Council is supposed to be advertising this proposed ordinance?? 

Let’s be very clear:  no one is born ‘gay,’ lesbian,  or transgender.  There is not one replicable scientific study that has found a ‘gay’ gene or transgender gene — NONE!  The LGBTQ crowd makes up about 4 percent of PA’s population and they make a habit of pulling the victim card.  Their goal is to use the force of law to force all Pennsylvanians to celebrate their lifestyle choice. 

Click here to read our news release for more information.

Action Steps

Express your concerns: Mayor Kathy Coy — email her here

Here’s the link to the members of Shippensburg Borough Council  

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