August 4, 2021


So . . .  This is How They Define Infrastructure!


On Sunday evening a copy of the ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure bill (HR 3684) was officially released.  Nine Senate Republicans worked with Democrats on the 2,702 page bill; in the meantime, 17 Senate Republicans supported advancing the bill late last week without even reading the bill’s final version!!  Senator Pat Toomey was not among either of those groups of Republicans. 

Here’s some of what’s in the bill:

  • There is a “Buy American” rule, but directly below that is a massive carveout that allows the heads of federal agencies to bypass the requirement if they consider the requirement “inconsistent with the public interest,” does not meet “satisfactory quality,” or if they believe buying American will increase costs for the projects.  NOTE:  Since China dominates such industries as solar panels and electric vehicles, outsourcing to fulfill the Biden administration’s goal of increased solar power would probably benefit them.
  • The bill includes the Digital Equity Act which would deliver broadband across the US based on racial quotas.
  • As Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) notes, “Only $110 billion of the so-called $1 trillion-plus bipartisan infrastructure package goes toward road, bridges and other major projects that the American people generally consider “infrastructure.”’  The remaining balance of the $1.2 trillion bills are “Green New Deal provisions.”
  • The bill contains a provision to create a “study and report” on the job loss and impacts on consumer energy costs due to cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, but does not restore it. 
  • Funds billions of dollars for border crossings, but no money to continue constructing the wall on the southern border.
  • Mandates that states create a carbon reduction program.
  • Adds ‘gender identity’ and ‘sexual orientation’ as protected classes

Action Steps

Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants the Senate to vote on the infrastructure bill this week!  How many Senators will even read the 2702 page bill before the vote?  Click here to contact Senator Bob Casey and Senator Pat Toomey and ask them to vote ‘nay’ on this massive bill. 

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