October 20, 2023


Speaker Battle Continues


Earlier this week the AFA of PA sent an alert into Congressman Mike Kelly’s district urging him to change his ‘no’ vote on Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House in the US House.  Now during the second round Mike Kelly once again voted against Jim Jordan and instead, in a bizarre move, voted for former Speaker of the House John Boehner who hasn’t been in Congress since 2015!     

During the second round of voting Jim Jordan received 199 votes (all GOP), while Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries received 212 votes (all Democrat).  A total of 217 votes is needed in order to become Speaker. The votes of those twenty-two Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan ranged from voting for fellow Congressmen to Public Works Commissioner of Macomb County, Michigan (US Rep John James’ vote) to Mike Kelly’s vote for someone who hasn’t been in Congress for eight years.  Let’s pray that the GOP in the US House doesn’t do what the GOP in the State House did earlier this year and vote in a Democrat as the next Speaker of the House!

Action Steps

There will be a third vote on the Speaker position.  So far PA’s GOP delegation only has this one defection when it comes to the House Speaker vote, but make sure you contact your Congressman (even if a Democrat holds that position!) and let him or her know that you support Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House. 

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