AFA of PA Action Alert

June 21, 2018


Philly area State Representative Flips the Bird at VP Pence!


Imagine this scenario – Vice President Joe Biden visits Philadelphia and campaigns for gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf – while there a conservative Republican flips the bird at the vice president.  Can you imagine the outrage among Democrats and the mainstream media?  That never happened, but let’s look at a real scenario:  Vice President Mike Pence visits Philadelphia to campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and liberal Democrat State Rep Brian Sims flips the bird at the vice president.  As an open homosexual Sims disagrees with and despises the VP’s stands on marriage and family.  Not surprising the silence from the mainstream media is almost deafening!

Action Steps

Let State Rep Brian Sims know your thoughts on the disrespect he showed Vice President Mike Pence while he was visiting the City of Philadelphia.  His district office number is (215) 246-1501; his Harrisburg office number is (717) 783-4072.   You can also contact him via his contact form here    Unlike Sims’ inability to show respect for the office of the Vice President, please show respect for his office when you contact him.

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