March 15, 2023


Tell Your US Rep Not to Raise the Debt Ceiling


Imagine if you didn’t have the money to pay your bills at the end of the month and you simply raised your “debt ceiling”!  That is exactly what the Democrats are pushing to do.   Did you know that Japan is now the largest foreign holder of US debt, closely followed by China?  Why don’t we pay down debt, rather than add to it?  Why can’t the US government live within a budget?

President Biden’s recent $6.8 trillion budget proposal includes tax hikes of $5 trillion, but still grows the national debt by another $20 trillion.  Here are a few examples:

  • Raises corporate taxes by 33% including punitive tax hikes on American energy companies
  • Biden wants to hire another 2400 EPA bureaucrats, but only wants 350 more Border Patrol agents
  • Boosts the IRS by 15% on top of the $78 billion for the 87,000 new IRS agents (now a total of 180,500!), while the Pentagon is only getting a 3% increase.
  • Planned Parenthood gets nearly $1.2 billion  (that equals to $1.7 million daily)
  • additional Medicare payments to cover “gender affirming care” of gender confused children – puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, sterilization and mutilating surgeries

In 2016 our national debt was $19.6 trillion, by 2021 that debt had grown to $29.6 trillion, about 124% of our gross domestic product (GDP).  That is the total amount of goods and services sold in America.   Our national debt is very close to a quarter of a million dollars for every American taxpayer.  In December 2021, Congress raised the debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion, but the Biden administration blew past that in January and is 31.6 trillion in debt. Some say, “To put this into perspective, if you spent 1 million dollars every day since Jesus was born, you still couldn’t have spent even 1 trillion dollars … and now our nation is more than 31 trillion dollars in debt!”

Take a look at the National Debt Clock.

Action Steps

The debate in Congress is now whether to raise the debt ceiling even further!  Common senses says, ‘NO’, but then there is the problem of the lack of common sense in Washington, DC.

By clicking here you can let your US Rep know your thoughts on the debt ceiling debate.

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