News from Around PA

1.) Pro-abortion Emily’s List has already made 2024 Congressional endorsements – three are from PA.

2.) Asking for a permanent injunction against the City of Harrisburg for unconstitutional ordinance

3.) Principal timpanist for the Allentown Symphony Orchestra suing the orchestra over forced union dues.

4.) For six years Allegheny County families have been guinea pigs to AI-driven child welfare tools.

News From National Scene

1.) Tucson, AZ high schools tells girls if they don’t like guys in their locker rooms, they (the girls) can find somewhere else to change.

2.) Arizona Superintendent of Schools open “Empower Hotline” for parents to report inappropriate materials and lessons.

3.) Florida terminating the liquor license of a hotel bar that held a “drag queen” Christmas for kids.

4.) Montana State University loses First Amendment lawsuit.

5.) Indiana University School of Medicine first-year students received a “sex and gender primer” lesson.

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