August 26, 2022


The Danger is NOT Just the Graphic Books in School Libraries


Recently Congressman Fred Keller and several other fellow Republicans sent a letter to Governor Tom Wolf and Acting Secretary of Education Eric Hagarty asking them to explain why books with graphic content are in PA school libraries.  Parents are becoming aware of the books’ presence and complaining to their congressmen.  However, those books are not the only source of graphic material that are within easy reach of school children.   Here’s a link  to the story.

If your child’s school points the students to databases such as EBSCO or GALE for homework help, they are in danger of being exposed to graphic material.  These databases operate outside the filters that schools are legally obligated to put on computers. Here’s more information on GALE and EBSCO.  It includes the link to a 7 minute age-restricted video with more info. 

Action Steps

Yes, sending letters to Governor Wolf and the Acting Secretary of Education are necessary, but parents need to be engaged.   Additionally, SB 1277, the “Parental Control of Student Exposure to Sexually Explicit Content in Schools” passed in the State Senate by a vote of 30-20 on June 29th.  Only one Democrat, Lisa Boscola, voted for it!  The bill is now in the House Education Committee awaiting action.
Check with your child’s school and ask if they “encourage” students to use EBSCO and GALE for research and homework help.  Warn them of the easy access to pornography through these portals.  Pornography is NOT education. 

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