February 11, 2023


Three Christian Students Come to the Defense of Penncrest School District’s New Policy


Penncrest School District in Crawford County recently passed a new policy removing sexually explicit books from their libraries.  Needless to say, there has been major pushback from the LGBTQ crowd.  During a recent school board meeting when students and teachers whined about the removal of these books, three young Christian students spoke in favor of the policy.  These three young ladies were courageous enough to publicly voice their support, something even some adults fear to do in today’s cancel culture society.  I mean who wants to be called a “transphobe” or “hater” or have your family demonized and attacked!  Those are the tactics we see the Left increasingly using.

These three young ladies have written an op ed piece for their school newspaper using stats, logic and reason (and just plain common sense) to explain the need for the removal of these books. 

Action Steps

  1.  Pray for their safety and continued courage as they face the inevitable name calling and pushback.

2. Go to the school’s Facebook page and give them a thumbs up or offer them a word of encouragement.  You can also click off of this page to read their article. Their story is about the fourth one down – just look for their pictures.   

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