September 17, 2020


Today is Constitution Day!


20/20 is considered perfect vision.  Has 2020 given us perfect vision as to what it would be like if those in power totally ignored the Constitution and extended edicts, executive orders, mandates, etc., etc. which infringed upon our rights as outlined in the US Constitution?   I believe it, at the very least, has given us a taste of what life could be like if a group of power hungry elected officials ignored the plain language of the Constitution and went their merry way, backed by liberal judges and a liberal media, to take away our rights.  But, if a people does not know what their rights are, they’ll never miss them!!

The United States Constitution was signed on this day in 1787. This was our second attempt at a national governing document.  The 1777 Articles of Confederation, which went into effect in 1781, quickly proved to be inadequate.  In 1786 the Annapolis Convention called for a group to assemble to address the many weaknesses.

After months of sometimes contentious debate, the Constitution was introduced to the citizens of the new nation.   Did you know that many of the delegates involved in the writing of the Constitution were trained in theology or ministry?  Abraham Baldwin, James Wilson, Hugh Williamson, Oliver Ellsworth are a few examples.  The Constitution was then sent to the states for ratification.  Among the delegates selected, the states elected about four dozen clergymen to serve in the ratification process for the Constitution.  

In this year 2020 we need to cherish our Constitution more than ever!

Action Steps

Federal law requires that every year on Constitution Day all public schools must hold a special program on the Constitution. Does your child’s school plan on having a program on the Constitution this coming week?  Sadly, few schools follow the law! 

Test your knowledge of the Constitution  here  

You can read a transcript of the US Constitution  here  

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