News From Around PA

1.) Twenty-one US House Republicans have signed onto the so-called Fairness for All Act, including Bucks County’s Brian Fitzpatrick.

2.) Pennsylvania is one of several states to ban Gender Queer: A Memoir and Lawn Boy for graphic sexual content.

3.) A male swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania, who identifies as transgender, is dominating women’s swimming.

4.) All PA Congressmen except Mike Kelly, Dan Meuser and Scott Perry were part of the 80 who voted with Democrats to pass the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act in order to track the immunization status of Ameircans.

5.) Penn State will still demand all their employees get the COVID jab by January 4th.

News From National Scene

1.) Chicago Public Schools opens bathrooms to everyone.

2.) The notorious transgender clinic in Dallas has closed.

3.) The US Supreme Court will decide whether Congress meant to create a private right of action to sue for compensatory damages for emotional distress under civil rights laws.

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