News from Around PA

1.) Democrat State Senator is circulating a co-sponsorship memo naming February 15, 2024 “Love is Love Day” in PA

2.) Philly firefighter in now believes he is a woman is suing the City of Philadelphia, Independence Blue Cross and his union because they won’t pay for “gender-affirming care”.

3.) The Erie Otters will once again host a “pride night”.

4.) There will soon be a “mobile sex dungeon” for hire roaming the streets of Pittsburgh.

News From National Scene

1.) New York mom is suing her daughter’s school district for socially transitioning her and keeping the mom in the dark.

2.) GOP attorneys general and some of their immediate predecessors are facing ethics challenges against their law licenses because they wanted to force states to follow their election laws in 2020.

3.) First Circuit Court of Appeals tells Maine they must release their voting records to the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

4.) University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is offering a free leadership development program except for straight white students!

5.) Washington State is considering a “strippers’ bill of rights”.

6.) Indian immigrants flee the United States after their daughter is socially transitioned in school.

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