News From Around PA

1.) Congressman Scott Perry joins 9 other GOP US House members to introduce repeal of “motor voter law.”

2.) Executive director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates resigns.

3.) Former principal of Evergreen Elementary School sues school district.

4.) School District of Philadelphia launches district-wide virtual GSA.

5.) At least five high schools in Philadelphia School District have in-school GSA clubs.

6.) Blair County State Rep Jim Gregory intends to introduce bill to repeal mail-in ballot law.

News From National Scene

1.) Fourteen states sign onto legal brief defending Idaho’s law that bans boys in girls’ sports in high school and college.

2.) A baby that spent more than 27 years as a frozen embryo is born!

3.) Director of National Intelligence warns of China’s efforts to influence US lawmakers.

4.) Hulu and Hallmark Channel release Christmas movies with LGBTQ couples as main characters.

5.) President of GLAAD notes that of about 879 regular characters in prime-time programming, about 10% are explicitly LGBTQ.

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