News from Around PA

1.) Bryn Mawr College (Montco) removes  the name of past president “M. Carey Thomas” from school library.

2.) City of Philadelphia issues new guidelines in support of transgender employees.

3.) Eight Philly mayoral candidates attend a photo opt with drag queens to show their support.

News From National Scene

1.) Chicago Blackhawks become fourth NHL team to say no to pride jerseys.

2.) Wyoming becomes 19th state to ban boys from girls’ sports.

3.) The Christian school in Vermont that forfeited a basketball game because a transgender player was on the opposing team has been banned from all future tournaments.

4.) University of Helsinki will confer Greta Thunberg with an honorary Doctor of Theology degree.

5.) A lawsuit has been filed against the Providence Public School District in Rhode Island.

6.) Utah bars abortion clinics from getting new licenses and bans abortion after 18 weeks.

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