News From Around PA

1.)  Seventeen states and DC support Philly’s effort to punish Catholic Charities

2.)  State Senate confirms homosexual activist to serve on the PA Human Relations Commission

3.)  Senator Bob Casey, Jr. introduces a bill that would create the “Office of Older LGBT Policy” in the HHS

4.) Using Keystone Exams as a graduation test has once again been delayed

News From National Scene

1.)  “Fire Chief of the Year,” Kelvin Cochran has won his lawsuit against Atlanta

2.)  “Transgender female,” (a biological male) has won the women’s cycling world championship.

3.)  Fifth graders in a Vermont school are asked about their sexual preference, gender identity and sex life!

4.)  Freedom From Religion Foundation tells Michigan football players, fans and coaches they can’t pray for sick

5.)  Facebook censors attempts to promote the Gosnell movie.

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