October 29, 2017


Pornography Awareness Week or White Ribbon Against Pornography Week


October 29th through November 5th is a week designated to educate on the harms of pornography.  Many say there are no harms, yet statistics show quite the opposite.  Children are exposed to pornography at younger and younger ages — thanks largely to its access via the internet.  For too many children and adolescents it has become a primary source of information about sex and a significant factor influencing sexual behaviors.  Exposure to this type material directly predicts adolescents’ willingness to engage in casual sex.

Sex trafficking has been directly linked to the pornography industry.  Strip clubs/”gentlemen’s clubs” have been linked to sex trafficking.

Did you know the American Library Association favors the distribution of pornography via library computers?

Did you know the providers of school databases, which are increasingly being used by schools to supplement curriculum, contain access to sexually explicit material?  These include articles discussing how to convince a girl to engage in anal sex and  glamorizing sexual role play games exploring sexual torture, teacher/schoolgirl, public and incestual sex fantasies.   These bypass the schools’ filters and sometimes show up on innocent, unrelated searches.  The database providers include EBSCO Information Services, Cengage, ProQuest and OverDrive.

Did you know eighty-eight percent of scenes in top rated and downloaded porn contains violence against women?

Did you know video games like House Party, Porno Studio Tycoon, Mass Effect: Andromeda and The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt are normalizing sexually explicit and exploitive themes in mainstream gaming?

Did you know there was not one obscenity prosecution in the past eight years and very few in the George Bush or Bill Clinton administrations?

You get the idea!

Listen to my interview with Patrick Trueman, President of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation here

Action Steps

1.)  Inquire at your child’s school as to what online database company they are using.

2.)  Conduct a Community and Business Survey of your area.  You can use this form

3.)  Check out our fact sheet on sexually oriented businesses.     Municipalities can pass zoning and licensing ordinances to regulate sexually oriented businesses.  The PA Supreme Court has ruled they cannot be banned, but can be regulated.  A zoning ordinance would restrict where such a business could locate  –  however this would not impact already existing sexually oriented businesses.  A licensing ordinance WOULD impact existing businesses and these not only require a license to operate (requiring a police background check of all employees), but restrict days/hours of operations, lighting, etc.   The AFA of PA can provide copies of model ordinances.

4.)  Read the various Witherspoon Institute’s presentations exposing the harms of pornography here

5.)  Here are some resources that are available to help the porn addict:  CandeoDirty Girl Ministries (helping women addicted to porn),  Hope and Healing Forum for women affected by the sexual addiction of loved ones.  Covenant Eyes helps those with an internet porn addiction.  Pure Life Ministries helps Christian who have become addicted to porn.

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