November 25, 2020


Second Battle of Gettysburg


The Union’s success during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 turned the tide of the Civil War.  Today Gettysburg is once again in the spotlight as the nation hangs in the balance.  State Senator Doug Mastriano has asked the Senate Majority Policy Committee to hold hearings into “election issues and irregularities”.  Those hearings are being held at the Wyndam Hotel in Gettysburg with the Trump Campaign’s attorney Rudy Giuliani addressing the senators.  President Trump at planned to attend and speak also, but cancelled his trip because one of his campaign staffers tested positive for COVID-19. 

In the meantime, Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough issued an order calling for the suspension of any remaining election certifications as part of a lawsuit brought by Congressman Mike Kelly, congressional candidate Sean Parnell and others.  The lawsuit questions the constitutionality of the law expanding write-in ballots.  Here is what Article VII, Section 14(a) of the PA Constitution says, “(a)  The Legislature shall, by general law, provide a manner in which, and the time and place at which, qualified electors who may, on the occurrence of any election, be absent from the municipality of their residence, because their duties, occupation or business require them to be elsewhere or who, on the occurrence of any election, are unable to attend at their proper polling places because of illness or physical disability or who will not attend a polling place because of the observance of a religious holiday or who cannot vote because of election day duties, in the case of a county employee, may vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes in the election district in which they respectively reside.”

As you see that says nothing about no excuse write-in ballots, but more on that another day!  However, Judge McCullough has ordered a hearing be held on Friday to hear the case being brought by Congressman Kelly and the others.  Of course, Attorney General Josh Shapiro immediately appealed McCullough’s order to the PA Supreme Court and we know their past decisions have shown their partisan leanings!

Action Steps

  1.  Pray like the future of the United States of America depended upon it  because it does!
  2. Contact your State Senator and State Representative and demand voter integrity – demand an investigation into alleged election fraud.  No Pennsylvanian can feel confident of the election process until these questions are answered.
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