March 12, 2012


Billboard Attacks Year of the Bible Resolution!


Remember House Resolution 535,  a non-binding resolution declaring 2012 the Year of the Bible, passed unanimously in the State House on January 28th.  Since then some liberal Democrats said the resolution was sneaked passed them and hidden in amongst several other bills and they would not have voted for it if they’d known it was there.  According to the Philadelphia Weekly State Representatives Babette Josephs and Mark Cohen “and others” have apologized for their vote to declare 2012 the Year of the Bible.

Now  the American Atheists have a billboard up in Harrisburg condemning passage of the resolution.  State House member Thaddeus Kirkland, who supported the resolution calls it racist.  Click here for the full story.

Action Steps

1.)  Contact your State House member and thank them for his or her support of House Resolution 535.  Click here for contact info.   If you don’t know who it is, please click here.

2.)  Contact the primary sponsor of House Resolution 535, freshman Rick Saccone, and thank him again for introducing this important resolution.  District office (412) 653-1025; Harrisburg office, 717-260-6122.  His email is

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