December 8, 2023


What Are You Supporting When You Shop?


Christmas shopping across America is in full swing.  Unfortunately, Christmas has become too commercialized and, in too many cases, the true meaning of Christmas is placed in the background or completely forgotten. 

Many companies are supporting organizations that do not share our values.  The AFA of PA has gleaned information from two pro-LGBTQA+ websites to expose their sponsors.  The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sponsors can be found here  and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) sponsors can be found  here

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA is sponsored mostly by pharmaceutical companies like Merck, as well as laboratories.  Interesting that three colleges are listed as sponsors and one of those is Temple University.  Here’s the link to the full list.

Action Steps

Be wise in your shopping all year round!

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