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For Immediate Release:  January 16, 2014
Contact:  Diane Gramley 1.814.271.9078 or 1.814.437.5355

Boy Scout Leader Allegedly  Molests Young Boys in Troop — This is Why They Should Not Lead

(Harrisburg) —  The story out of French Creek Boy Scout Council headquartered in Erie County is the exact reason why homosexuals should not be Scout leaders.     Last year the Boy Scouts succumbed to pressure from corporate sponsors, who felt it was more important to obtain a perfect score from the likes of the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign in their Corporate Equality Index, than it was to protect and help the Boy Scouts uphold their oath to be “morally straight.”   On May 23rd the Boy Scouts voted to allow open homosexual boys in its ranks.  However, some corporations and United Way chapters continue the push for open homosexual Scout leaders.   The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA), has contacted United Way chapters across the state asking their position on the issue.

“As concerned citizens met with French Creek Council’s Executive Director on May 17 urging a ‘No’ vote on the upcoming policy change, he gave us assurances that policies were in place to protect the boys from sexual assault.   The very next month two boys revealed during an interview with police that a Scout leader had molested them and he stayed on until just a few months ago!   This is outrageous and further evidence that homosexual leaders pose a danger to boys in the Scouts,” commented Diane Gramley, President of the AFA of PA.

The Boy Scouts current policy of allowing open homosexual members poses problems which even the Scouts recognize:   Regarding shower and toilet facilities, the BSA says it is encouraging units to provide greater individual privacy, including moving away from the tradition of group showers.  If a Scout or parent of a Scout makes a request to not tent with another Scout, their wishes should be honored,” says the BSA.

“As we predicted homosexual activists and their allies — including some corporations and United Way chapters —  are not satisfied with simply permitting open homosexual members, but they continue to demand open homosexual leaders.    They ignore the additional Perversion Files the Boy Scouts were ordered to release by a California Superior Court judge a year ago.    In October 2012, more than 1,200 of the files from 1965 to 1985 were made public by order of the Oregon Supreme Court.  Promoters of homosexual leaders ignore the facts and now abuse has been alleged in Erie adding to Pennsylvania’s perversion file.  Opening the ranks to homosexual leaders will increase the risks and further the demise of the Scouts.  Our question is which PA United Way chapters are pushing this?” Gramley questioned.

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