February 22, 2012


Philadelphia Gay News Lists Reading Mayor as Supporter of Same-sex “Marriage”. . .


. . . however, it appears the same thing has happened to Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer as happened to Erie Mayor Joe Sinnott – someone registered them as supporters of so-called same-sex marriage without their knowledge!  A look at the Freedom to Marry website does list Lansdowne’s Jayne Young, Doylestown’s Libby White, Newtown’s Dennis O’Brien, Macungie’s Rick Hoffman, Easton’s Salvatore Panto, Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter and Bethlehem’s John Callahan as signers of the statement, but neither the Reading or Erie mayor is listed.

Pressure will be placed on Mayor Spencer to have his name officially added to the statement supporting same-sex marriage.  Such is already happening to Mayor Sinnot of Erie.

Action Steps

Contact Mayor Spencer at 1-877-727-3234 or use the webform here.

1.)  Thank him for not supporting same-sex so-called marriage

2.)  Ask him not to give into pressure that may be placed upon him to add his name to the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry statement.

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