April 2, 2013


Senator Casey Now Endorses Same-sex “Marriage”


Yesterday, Senator Bob Casey, Jr. took another step away from the strong pro-family stands his dad took and announced his endorsement of so-called same-sex “marriage” and his rejection of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  He now joins an increasing number of Democrats who have succumbed to pressure from the homosexual lobby to renounce God-ordained one man one woman marriage.  To be perfectly honest, his decision does not come as a surprise.  Since his endorsement by the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign back in 2006, he has never been someone we could depend upon to oppose the normalization of homosexuality.  Click here for our news release for more details.

Senator Casey has stepped over the same-sex “marriage” cliff and joined most of his fellow politicians in the Democrat Party.  Remember the recent poll which showed only 2.7 percent of Pennsylvanians identified as homosexual, bisexual or transgender?      Those are the ones to whom Senator Casey is catering.  Click here to read his statement.

Action Steps

Go to our Action Center  and contact Senator Casey asking him for an explanation of his abandonment of God’s plan for marriage and why he’s sending Pennsylvania’s children the message that they do not need a mom and a dad.  You can either send the pre-written message or edit it.

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