News From Around PA

1.) Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) was one of three House Republicans to vote for Equality Act.

2.) Transgender nursing assistant sues PowerBack Rehab in Philly for LGBTQ discrimination and “misgendering.”

3.) Education Associations of Norristown Area President says students are doing fine with remote learning — parents disagree!

4.) Open homosexual State Rep Brian Sims taken to task in op-ed piece in gay newspaper — says he failed his constituents and will fall PA if elected Lt. Governor.

News From National Scene

1.) Recent Gallup Poll shows number of American adults who identify as LGBT has risen to 5.6%.

2.) Left deems Dr. Seuss racist!

3.) Snapchat’s LGBT content is very prevalent and is one of the biggest promoters of transgenderism.

4.) Nickelodeon teaches preschoolers all about gay pride!

5.) South Dakota governor signs law that protects babies who survive abortion.

6.) Over 9,000 Virginians voice their opposition to mandated transgender policies in all K-12 schools — state will review policy for another 30 days.

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