November 28, 2020


Ask the PA Legislature to Reclaim its Constitutional Authority

Details Wednesday’s Gettysburg hearing was the first time President Trump’s legal team has been permitted to produce the evidence they have.  No judge has taken the time to look at the evidence.  Instead they have simply thrown out the President’s cases!   Here’s a link to the over three-hour hearing. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • “The voting systems in the U.S. and in Pennsylvania were built to be manipulated,” Phil Waldron, a cybersecurity expert dealing with intelligence and information warfare for some 30 years, said in the hearing.
  • “Our experts and other academics believe that up to 1.2 million Pennsylvania votes could have been altered or fraudulent, this is what we discovered in the last 22 days,” but that only a detailed forensic analysis would show how many Pennsylvanian votes had been manipulated, Waldron said.
  • Greg Stenstrom, who, besides being a poll watcher, said he’s an expert in security fraud, told the hearing that he witnessed a number of chain-of-custody violations, including around mail-in ballots, the balance of votes from drop boxes, and the handling of USB card flash drives—all of which he said broke rules defined by the Delaware County Board of Elections and the election process review.  He also noted that as of the time of the hearing 47 USB v-cards are missing.

Check out this 17-minute video that details similar election fraud across the battle ground states.  

During Wednesday’s hearing Mayor Rudy Giuliani reminded the legislators that they have a constitutional duty under the US Constitution to determine the manner of electing electors.  Yesterday, both the State House and State Senate began circulating a co-sponsorship memo for a joint resolution citing the US Constitution (Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 and Article II, Section 1, Clause 2) and the Pennsylvania Election Code “Declaring the results of statewide electoral contests in the 2020 General Election to be in dispute”.

Action Steps

  1. Pray!
  2. Ask leadership in the State House and State Senate to not only sign on as co-sponsors of the Joint Resolution, but to move the resolution declaring the results of the 2020 General Election to be in dispute forward:  

Contact the Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler at his Harrisburg office  (717) 783-6424 and his district office (717) 284-1965 and email using this form  

Contact Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman at his Harrisburg office (717) 787-1377 and his district office (814) 355-0477 and email using this form

3. Contact your State Rep and State Senator no matter what the party — fair elections should not be a partisan issue — and ask them to step forward and fulfill their constitutional responsibility by signing onto the Joint Resolution.

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