February 17, 2011


2012 Federal Budget and Pro-Life Provisions


The US House is taking up the bill to fund the federal government in a section by section process that only allows for amendments when the appropriate section is reached in debate. When the House came to the right section, abortion advocates were expected to offer as many as six amendments in an attempt to push taxpayers to fund abortions or groups that promote and perform abortions.

House Democrats were expected to press for amendments to overturn pro-life budget provisions during last night’s debate on the continuing resolution.  However no amendments were introduced!  This led to a major pro-life victory here in the beginning of this long fight over the budget.

Pro-life provisions in the bill include cutting Title X family planning funds, restoring and making permanent the Mexico City Policy, and yanking funding for the pro-abortion UNFPA,

Theories abound as to why the Democrats did not bring up the amendments.  Either they did not want to be soundly defeated by a majority pro-life House or they are depending on the conference committee or the Senate to strip out the pro-life provisions.

Another step in the budget process:  Congress will vote this afternoon on Rep. Mike Pence’s (R-IN) Amendment No. 11 to the budget bill — H.R. 1.  This amendment would prevent government funding for Planned Parenthood which received over $360,000,000 in taxpayer dollars last year.

Action Step

1.) Contact your Congressman and ask him or her to vote ‘yes’ on Representative Pence’s Amendment No. 11 on HR 1.  Click here for contact info – please make two phone calls – don’t e-mail because of the time constrains – your Congressman’s district office nearest you AND his DC office.

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