October 13, 2022


University of Pittsburgh Says One Thing About Aborted Baby Body Parts, But . . .


This video shows something else . . . .   Check it out here

In early July, after much debate, the General Assembly approved the 2022-2023 budget which excluded the Knowles amendment requiring universities to sign an agreement that they would not use the state money they received to do research using aborted baby body parts.  The new budget earmarks almost $600 million to PA’s four state-related universities (Penn State, Lincoln, Temple and University of Pittsburgh) whether they do research using aborted baby body parts of not!   

The University of Pittsburgh testified on May 4, 2021 before the House Health Committee, they do not receive aborted baby body parts from Planned Parenthood,  BUT . . . . as mentioned earlier the video says something different.

Action Steps

Demand the General Assembly conduct a thorough investigation into University of Pittsburgh research.  Contact your State Rep and State Senator here

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