November 11, 2021


Veterans Day 2021


They’ve served our country . . .  they’ve protected our freedoms. 

Today we see the military under attack like never before — not from foreign enemies, but from those who are out to remake the military.

  • into a ‘woke’ institution by promoting the LGBTQ agenda, Critical Race Theory, etc. 
  • Getting the COVID ‘vaccine’ is now more important than protecting our nation as thousands in the military are saying they don’t want it.   Military officers have resigned over the issue.  Those in the lower ranks have been told they must get the shot or they could be dishonorably discharged, which President Biden supports.  About 35 Navy personnel, including 26 Navy Seals are suing the Biden Administration over the vaccine mandate. 

 The Biden Administration, as the Obama Administration before it, is saying climate change is the most dangerous issue facing our nation and the military must do its part in fighting it!  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the United Nations Climate Change Conference agreed with a comment that the US military is a “larger polluter than 140 countries combined.”  The Department of Defense even has a “Department of Defense Climate Adaptation Plan.”  

Action Steps

Remember those who serve during these trying times and those who have served our nation in the military.  Thank a Veteran today!

Take a few minutes to watch this  video:   “The history and importance of Veterans Day — a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11th, and this day gives all Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery, service and sacrifice of all U.S. Veterans – living and deceased. It is also a commemoration of how our Military Veterans stand as the transition between the struggle of life and sacrifice… and the peace that follows.”

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