News From Around PA

1.)  Bethlehem Area and Easton Area superintendents say athletes do not have to  . . . .

2.)  Homosexual man will try to convince 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals the “LGBT discrimination” equals  . . .

3.)  Human Rights Campaign Greater Philadelphia meets with PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro

4.)  State Senator Daylin Leach holds another ‘progressive’ forum

5.)  Community College of Philadelphia opens LGBT Center

6.)  AG Josh Shapiro and US Senator Bob Casey send letter to FCC

7.)  US Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18) will resign effective October 21st

News From National Scene

1.)  Hawaii ob-gyn sues to force all pharmacies to provide RU486

2.)  US Attorney General Jeff Sessions issues a memo clarifying that Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not  . . .

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