December 5, 2018


A Couple Christmas Resources


There is no doubt that Christmas is the most attacked holiday of the year!  The primary reason, of course, is that it is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  There are a lot of misconceptions of what is legal and what is not in today’s America.  Here’s some guidance from Liberty Counsel:

  • A publicly sponsored (one by a government entity) holiday display containing a religious symbol should generally include secular symbols. The secular and religious symbols should be within the same parameter of view. For example, a holiday display can include a nativity scene along with Santa Claus, reindeer or a Christmas tree.
  • A teacher may decorate the classroom with or feature a display having both religious and secular symbols of the holiday.
  • Students can distribute religious Christmas cards and greet one another by saying, “Merry Christmas.” If the school does not require uniforms, students can wear clothing with religious symbols or words or religious jewelry.
  • A choral performance may include religious songs. Indeed, the majority of the songs may be religious so long as the performance also includes secular holiday songs. If the students select their own songs independent of the direction of school officials, then there is no requirement that the songs include secular numbers.
  • A privately sponsored religious symbol can also be displayed on public property that has been opened to the general public for expressive activity. No secular items needed.

Many stores allow their employees to say “Merry Christmas” this time of year because they want you to spend your money in their store.   However, what do they do with their profits from those Christmas sales?  What do they do the rest of the year, after the Christmas sales are over?  The AFA of PA has created a two-page buyer’s guide to show you which companies use their profits to support the anti-family LGBT? agenda.

Action Steps

  • Share the information from Liberty Counsel with others who may have questions.
  • AFA of PA’s Buyer’s Guide – Page 1   and  Page 2
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